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Fall Mainstage


Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka

Directed by Meghan Considine
Produced by Meredith Mackey

FRIDAY, October 13 ~ 7pm & 10pm
SATURDAY, October 14 ~ 2pm & 7pm
McCormick Auditorium in Norris University Center

Admission is FREE!

Anon(ymous) is, in simplest terms, Homer’s epic The Odyssey through the lens of modern day refugee crises. But it’s also about fighting monsters, motherhood, manifestations of faith, chosen families, and what happens to identity under drastic and unforeseen circumstances. Tracking the whirlwind journey of our young protagonist Anon, we are offered dozens of visions of America: from the crashing ocean to the hazy back room of a bar, from a family-owned Indian restaurant to a sweatshop. We will travel by railroad, by interstate, by sea, and by foot searching for Home.

*This show is recommended for audiences in 7th grade and above. Please be advised that this show includes depiction of war, the death of parents, physical violence, and discriminitory language ... all of which are essential to the telling of the story. If you have any questions/concerns regarding this subject matter, please don't hesitate to email*

Winter mainstage and tour

Step on a Crack by Suzan Zeder

Directed by Taylor Stark
Produced by Marissa Ferrara & Olivia Worley

FRIDAY, February 23
SATURDAY, February 24
Shanley Pavilion at Northwestern University


Spring festival

10th Annual PLAYground Festival of Fresh Works

PLAYground is an annual event which showcases the work of three professional Theatre for Young Audiences playwrights. These plays are full-length and brand-new, and we invite any and all of you to come and be a part of their development. In addition, we also have speakers and workshops throughout the day, focusing on modern day issues in the world of TYA.

Visit our PLAYground Page to read more about our exciting festival