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Our Mission

We use theatre as a way to engage, inspire, and educate audiences of all ages.

The Purple Crayon Players is a student-run theatre company on the Northwestern University campus committed to creating high quality productions, events, and educational materials regarding all aspects of theatre for young audiences. Purple Crayon Players believes that audience of all ages can appreciate, be inspired by, and grow through exposure to this unique art form. 

We produce a mainstage season of professionally written works for young audiences, while also sponsoring high quality outreach events, educational events, and special projects for audiences of all ages both on campus and in the outlying community. These events support the mainstage season, as well as explore other aspects of theatre, community service, and learning. 

Purple Crayon Players feels that making theatre more accessible, in large part through our touring show as well as through events during our season, is a necessary aspect of producing theatre for young audiences. We strive to include diverse opinions, cultures, events, and voices in our season in order to adequately reflect the diverse world that our audiences and artists come from. 

Furthermore, we understand the importance of training the future leaders of the TYA field, and strive to provide Northwestern University students with opportunities to direct, produce, design, perform, teach, and explore new ways of expanding the field both on campus and at large.

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